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The Beehives GoGo dancers: 60s Wild Women with Big Hair and Fast Hips!

The Beehives are a premiere troupe of 60s style gogo dancers performing both freestyle gogo sets and choreographed routines with anywhere from 1 to 12 performers. The Beehives blend classic 60s gogo dance moves such as the twist, the monkey, the jerk, the watusi and the pony, with a head spinning amount of freestyle shimmying and shaking.

The Beehives, who are all professional dancers, performers and/or choreographers, perform in a variety of environments and are available to dance with bands, within the burlesque community, on festival stages, for promotional and fashion events, at street festivals and more. These wigglin' jigglin' hotcakes have toured nationally within Australia, and Internationally (UK, Spain, USA, Canada, Hong Kong, South Korea and Japan). The Beehives also teach GoGo dancing classes/workshops and are based in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, South Korea & Texas!

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