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Meet some of The Beehives GoGo Dancers!

Meet the ever growing 60s gogo dance troupe; The Beehives. These girls know how to shake it up baby, now when they Twist and Shout. They know how to boney maroney whilst doing the pony and they sure can (do the) wibble wobble in the very best way. They shimmy and shake while walking the dog, and are always up getting up to Monkey business.

These are The Beehives; Big Haired ladies with their retro-hearts and dancing feet firmly planted in the 1960s. Feel free to ask them to dance - the problem will be getting them to stop.

~ Hazy Daisy ~

The perfect mix of sugar and spice; bitter and sweet; lioness and kitten, there's more than meets the eye to The Beehives own 'Hazy Daisy'. Hazy Daisy has a long dance background including jazz, contemporary, samba, lindy hop and more but 60s Go-Go is where her heart lies. Hazy spends her days teaching dance to the new generation, so that she and Lucy Watusi can one day raise a gogo army and conquer the earth (and force everyone to learn 'the dolphin').

~ Lucy Watusi ~​

If you take your shimmy and shake with a side of sass, The Beehives cheekiest gogo girl is destined to delight. Introducing, 'Lucy Watusi' who has been Go-Go dancing and performing burlesque for several years, as well as having dance experience in jazz, contemporary, ballet, lindy hop, salsa and samba. Lucy's hobbies include world domination and wine. Preferably at the same time.

~ Wild Honey ~​

The naughtiest of The Beehives, with a fierce streak and a taste for adventure, Wild Honey has been a 60s GoGo dancer for years and is looking to become a jousting, parkouring, stunt woman... we warned you she was adventurous. Rumour has it that Wild Honey may actually be a ninja.

~ Miss Molly ~

The Beehives own sex-pot, who'll lure you in with her honey and then shake, rattle and roll you good! Good Golly, it's "Miss Molly". Currently based in Sydney this lady is also The Beehives resident professional makeup artist. A die-hard 60s girl through and through, this lady lives for 60s rock, pop and soul tunes. Miss Molly is also rumoured to own more costumes than Disney World.

~ Coco Poppin ~

The jiggliest, giggliest dancer this side of the sixties, “Coco Poppin” is the GoGo mama with hips that hypnotize! Coco has spent years in the GoGo cage and has performed and taught Burlesque, Brazilian Samba, Argentine Tango, and Salsa. A specialist Samba dancer, this kitten sure knows that soul bossanova. Coco has also spent several years training large groups of pantless dancing women for the revolution.

~ Domino ~

With a background in fire performance, ballet and burlesque this gogo lady is both sweet and intoxicating, and will burn up the stage. Like her namesake, 60s Bond Girl 'Domino', this kitten is feisty and feline, and a heady mix of good girl and bad girl. This is one shakin' lady that can't be tamed - but be sure to bring a flame resistant suit if you try!

~ Bunny Bop ~ 

If you were born in the Land of a Thousand Dances, would you be able to keep the smile off your face? Of course not! neither can Bunny Bop. With a dance background in African, Salsa, Samba, West Coast Swing, Tango, Rock and Roll - if she doesn't know it, she'll give it a go... go! Bunny Bop enjoys endurance sports - and cage wiggling and tail shaking are some of her favourites. This is why we call her The Beehives own Energiser Bunny; she just keeps going and go-going. Just you try and keep up!

Petra Dish

This little Miss is a 60s Dish with a scientific twist! A burlesque lady by night, and scientific brain box by day, the reigning Miss Burlesque Perth fills in the gaps shaking her groove thing with The Beehives. An accomplished cage dancer and fringe twizzler in her own right, this lady is going to help the Beehives quest for world domination - by a simple fusion of science and hip shaking. Some call her weird, some call her mad - but they all call her back for more!

Scarlet O.

Jane Doe


Blooming Riot

and Special guest star Beehive,

Coco Lectric

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